July 8, 2011


I think it's time I reboot this blog. Been away from writing a while and off late I think I should get back to it. I spend so much time on my computer, this would give some validation to that.

Let's recap a bit. What all has happened since I was last here.
Arjun and Tanya got married.
Krishna and Raji got married.
Dev and Cheryl got married and had a baby.
Salonee studied some more got married and is now in the US.
Nattu and Puchki had babies.
Meenukutty got married and has a baby.
I went on a vacation to the US.
Anju finished her masters and is now working in London.
Rahul did extremely well for himself at AOL just before they shut down India ops.
Bodo went to IMA, Chhikara went to OTA. Both will be officers in the Indian Army before the end of the year.
I moved to gurgaon after having a good 2 years at the mansion.
Madhur and Sunny are slated to get married later this year.
Mr Nair completed his masters and is back in India. (thank god)
Bought a DSLR. Apparently am good at wedding and concert photography.
I am still at Agilent and will be eligible for gratuity at the end of the year.
My Dad is now the Military Advisor to the National Security Council Secretariat.
Nivas got married and deepak is getting married. As are Sayo and Aru (it's about time)
Karun is doing his masters in pol sci.
Khurana has gone through multiple jobs and is very vella these days.
Utpal will be a major at the end of the year. Damn proud of the chap.
Shanbhag is well still the same of chap. Now with IBM.
Lost a few people in my life. Will have regrets for a while I imagine.
Joined twitter and have ended up making some very good friends through there.
Got an iPhone 3G which still serves me well. Still an apple fan.

Ok so apparently a lot of shit's gone down over these past few years. It's very likely you have no idea who these people are but you are likely to meet/ hear about these people when you meet me so try and get through it.

Next post will be more appealing to everyone I promise.

August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday

My dear friend tanya celebrates her birthday today! It's also the dinner and dance night which constitute her pre-wedding celebrations. I am glad i could be a part of these fun times! :)

Happy B'day Tanya Baby hehe... WE LOUUUUVE YOU! :)

Cheers to Tanya and Arjun Mo's wedding on 2nd!


August 13, 2009

Muzaak you should check out!

Nice quirky video and very nice cover!
This is seether with Careless whisper. I know what you are thinking, i was pleasantly surprised myself. This one is thanks to the funniest dude i know Mr Mrinal!

Another cover of a great song....
This is Newton Faulkner with the cover of Teardrop by Massive Attack. Acoustic version, studio version and entire album handmade by robots is worth a listen. This one is courtesy Gslice. Thanks bro!! :)

Damn, tis seems to be best of covers post!
Thanks to dimbo for bringing this one to my notice!!
Cake with the cover of I will survive

Vishal & Shekhar revamp the pulp fiction OST and create this very excellent "cover"
Dhan Te Nan from Kaminey.

The Frames originally sang this version which was later covered by the lead singer Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova for the movie Once which won them the academy award for best song. This one is thanks to Happy.
The Frames with the original Falling Slowly!

Hoobastank has some really music. Here's a classic example. This one's all thanks to my dear friend Micheal Bay. Ahahahahha... Featured on The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Soundtrack! I gots to mention Anju here tho. We used to hear this atleast 4 times everyday on the drive to and from work coz she loved it. I hear LEEDS also loves this song. *wink*

Public Enemies

Directed by Michael Mann who directed some masterpieces like Collateral, Ali, The Insider, HEAT and my fav The Last of The Mohicans (w00t DDL), Public Enemies had some tremendous buzz going for it. Why? you ask me, I reply Why the hell not! Johnny Depp & Christian Bale pitted against each other. Johnny Depp stars as "publicly loved" Bank Robber John Dillinger in this period flick set during the 1930's during the Depression. Christian Bale is the man with the task of hunting him down, Bureau of Investigation (before it became the FBI, state wise) Special Agent Melvin Purvis. Assigned the job by Director J. Edgar Hoover after whom the FBI headquarters is named (I believe).

The first thing you notice about the movie is the color tone used to shoot the movie. It gives the movie an additional character of being dark and brooding. Also noticable is the very documentary style of shooting. The way the camera moves, its a treat to watch. Every detail was worked on and i have to hand it to the production team to recreate america of the 1930's. They did a phenomenal job.

*edit: Just learnt that some portions were shot in High Def. I thought that some scenes were different. Hmm guess i do have a keen sense of observation!!

Johnny Depp as usual pulls off the roll with ease. Its what he does best. Slips into the skin of the character and you can't help but root for him. Even in this movie, he's a gangster but i was rooting for him all the way. He's cool, he's composed, he knows what he is doing. Christian Bale for once doesn't talk in a growl like in the Batman movies or Terminator. He was above average, not his best showing though. I think American Psycho was his best performance till date. Its understandable though, coz the movie is centered around John Dillinger. Nonetheless, he adds value to the movie with his "I am gonna get him" speeches and looks. Marion Cotillard plays JD's love interest. Very nicely potrayed considering it was but a small role, yet very pertinent to the story.

The soundtrack is oldschool and very very good. You can help but love the music played when robbing the bank. I am gonna post the video here for you all to enjoy!

Some of the things i wasn't really happy about. Main thing was the pace of the movie. Seems a tad bit slow and slightly long. Over two hours. Sometimes the heavily accented dialogues were hard to make out (although the theatre seemed to have some issues too). My retard friend (say it like in the hangover) tells me that he saw the making and that one of the actors was charlize theron. He kept insisting throughout the movie and that drove me up the wall. SHE IS NOT IN THE MOVIE!

There are quite a few exciting scenes in the movie. I won't give them away or else the thrill will be lost but believe you me, if JD did what was potrayed on screen he had some kahuna's. Respect!

4 out of 5 stars in my book. 2 stars are for Johnny Depp itself. He carries the movie on his shoulders with ease. Paraphrasing Will Smith i gotta say "he makes this look good"


p.s. i deleted my last post coz the account on youtube where the trailers were uploaded was suspended

May 14, 2009

Movie n TV Trivia Part I

Ok, i was wondering how i could do this. I realised that i need to approve comments, so i shall check the answers and comment giving out the number of correct answers. I know that if you use google then u will be get the answers in a couple of seconds but i would ask you to refrain and try to answer "truthfully"

Lets start of with a favorite of mine.

1. When Neo and Trinity are on top of the lift. Neo looks up and says something before shooting the cable and catapulting to the roof. What does he say??

2. Assasins was the writing debut for these talented guys. The movie starred Antonio Banderas n Sylvester Stallone. Who are these talented guys?

3. This awesome actor made a spoof video with a comedian last year which prompted the comedian's boyfriend to reply to that video with a spoof video of his own. Both videos were insanely awesome.

4. This immensely talented TV actor wrote, directed and starred in his own movie and actually won a grammy for the music compilation of the movie.

5. This TV actor who earned his fame playing a doctor starred in a movie about the death of a university football team in a plane crash. Truly amazing movie!