July 8, 2011


I think it's time I reboot this blog. Been away from writing a while and off late I think I should get back to it. I spend so much time on my computer, this would give some validation to that.

Let's recap a bit. What all has happened since I was last here.
Arjun and Tanya got married.
Krishna and Raji got married.
Dev and Cheryl got married and had a baby.
Salonee studied some more got married and is now in the US.
Nattu and Puchki had babies.
Meenukutty got married and has a baby.
I went on a vacation to the US.
Anju finished her masters and is now working in London.
Rahul did extremely well for himself at AOL just before they shut down India ops.
Bodo went to IMA, Chhikara went to OTA. Both will be officers in the Indian Army before the end of the year.
I moved to gurgaon after having a good 2 years at the mansion.
Madhur and Sunny are slated to get married later this year.
Mr Nair completed his masters and is back in India. (thank god)
Bought a DSLR. Apparently am good at wedding and concert photography.
I am still at Agilent and will be eligible for gratuity at the end of the year.
My Dad is now the Military Advisor to the National Security Council Secretariat.
Nivas got married and deepak is getting married. As are Sayo and Aru (it's about time)
Karun is doing his masters in pol sci.
Khurana has gone through multiple jobs and is very vella these days.
Utpal will be a major at the end of the year. Damn proud of the chap.
Shanbhag is well still the same of chap. Now with IBM.
Lost a few people in my life. Will have regrets for a while I imagine.
Joined twitter and have ended up making some very good friends through there.
Got an iPhone 3G which still serves me well. Still an apple fan.

Ok so apparently a lot of shit's gone down over these past few years. It's very likely you have no idea who these people are but you are likely to meet/ hear about these people when you meet me so try and get through it.

Next post will be more appealing to everyone I promise.


Anju said...

I think this is pretty useful to most of us who know you! And YAY I got a mention :D
Also got me thinking, quite a bit has happened over the last one year (or more)!

Salonee said...

Welcome back! I've missed your posts. Read this one but I'm not in it :(. That makes me sad :(:(

Salonee said...

haha! luuuv you!